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Members note, 9th March 2007: Movements up to November 2006 have now been completed and are on this web site. These listings are all included in the Winter edition of SAN, which you will reeceive shortly. December to February movements are now being processed for inclusion in the spring edition during April.

Stansted Aviation Society was established in 1979 and is the non-profit club for aviation enthusiasts with an interest in London's fastest-growing airport.

SAS produces a quarterly magazine for its members, which includes comprehensive lists of all non-based aircraft movements at Stansted, highlight movements from Southend, and extensive news reports.

The Stansted movements lists can also be browsed on this web site.

SAS has a shop at Stansted Airport which would open on Sunday mornings in the car park on the Business Aviation Terminal side if we only had volunteers to help make it happen. Members of SAS would be able to buy the latest books and registers at the shop at a 10 per cent discount!

We are currently seeking additional help in typing and compiling the Stansted movements, and also to help open our shop on Sundays. If you could spare a little time (whether a current SAS member or not!), then please do contact David Wright. Thank you.